Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Prayer For Animals

O God, source of life and power,
Who feedeth the birds of the heavens,
increase our tenderness towards all the creatures of Thy hand.
Help us to refrain from petty acts of cruelty,
or thoughtless deeds of harm to any living animal.

May we care for them at all times, especially during hard weather,
and protect them from injury so that they learn to trust us as friends.
Let our sympathy grow with knowledge,
so that the whole creation may rejoice in Thy presence.

: Anonymous

Thursday, April 11, 2013

I Am a Horse

You can saddle me or bridle me
You can put a chain around my neck
You can laugh or dock my tail
But my spirit you'll never break.
I'm not a toy to be modeled for fashion
Nor a slave to your every whim
I am a horse, a creature of my own
Like you, I was made by Him.

I will not answer to your call
Yet I will be here until the end
I am not here to be your doll
I was made to be your friend.

I will not run away from you
Nor will I beg for reprieve
I was made to be your companion
So I never shall leave.

You can treat me like a slave
And perhaps you'll never know
That inside, I am something more
Then the horse on which you go.

You can chain me or starve me
Drive a whip into my sides
But you'll never get inside me
Where the angel spirit resides.

-- written by Kit --