Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bullock Cart Races should be Banned

Bullock Cart races should be banned immediately in India and elsewhere in the world. Bullocks used in these races are deprived of food, water and shade for up to six hours. They are forcefully yanked by nose ropes that causes their noses to bleed and are physically abused in order to force them to run - even when exhausted. The animals have their tails twisted, chemical irritants rubbed into their mouths and jabbed with sharp wires with protruding nails to control their movement.

Tormenting and terrifying bulls into running to make money is inherently cruel and this sadistic celebration of torturing innocent animals must stop at once. This cruel show of violence proves once again how low the mankind can stoop to satisfy their greed. There are other races, by all kinds of other animals - horses, cows, camels, sheep etc; all over the world. Why doesn't man make other men run such races - kept hungry for 6-8 hours, forcefully yanked by nose ropes, and their bodies pierced by spears? Once man goes through this immenses pain, he will understand the agony animals go through.

All violence, in all the forms being inflicted upon animals must be stopped immediately by countries across the world. Once this mindless violence against animals stop, there are chances that violence against mankind will stop too. As someone rightly said, "For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love."

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Debarking - The Cruel Practice

It has been found that the vocal chords of dogs are being severed in order to make them dumb. Many breeders who supply animals for experimentation severe the animals' vocal chords so that they do not bark and create a racket when painful experiments are performed on them in labs. This is being done even by individual dog owners who want to silence their barking pets. This practice is called Debarking, which is a procedure in which vocal chords are severed using laser.

The process of debarking has become easier with the introduction of lasers. In this process, the mouth of an anesthetized dog is opened, a laser is inserted in its mouth and the vocal chord is cut partially or completely. There is no bleeding and the whole process takes only five minutes.

This process of debarking is totally unethical and cruel. It could have lasting effects on a dog's psychology. If a dog can not communicte with its owner or other dogs normally, it is certain to go into a state of depression or become completely docile. This cruel practice must be banned immediately by governments all across the globe. Experiments done on debarked dogs, or any other dogs or animals for that matter, must be banned too. We can not, and must not claim to be the sole custodians of the planet and use everything and everybody according to our greed and convenience.

Source: TOI