Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Cruel Pigeon Race

The cruel pigeon race is here to start again. They are held twice a year- once during the month of January and the other, in the month of May-June. For this race, they choose pigeons which are bigger in size and colorful, and which have a lot of stamina. Because of the betting money involved in it, many people have taken to breeding pigeons. They train these pigeons throughout the year, and sell them at exorbitant rates during these races. Once these pigeons are flown in the sky during the race, they keep on flying for more than ten to twelve hours. During the summer, the race starts at 5 or 6 am and goes on till 6 pm in the evening. These pigeons are flown in a flock of 17 to 21. This has become such a lucrative business, that many people are taking this up as a fast money making venture. There is an immense threat to the lives of these birds of dying of heat stroke and fatigue due to this cruel race.

Inflicting any sort of cruelty on animals and birds in any form, and selling and buying them; is banned in India. Still, nobody seems to care about this blatant abuse of these poor pigeons. Thousands of people are involved in this cruel business which endangers the lives of these innocent birds. These birds are kept in dirty boxes under complete unhygienic conditions, and are given stale food to eat. We are determined to free these birds from the clutches of these cruel people who have scant regards for the lives of these beautiful birds. These people are interested only in making money, and don't care for the lives of these birds.

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