Friday, April 20, 2012

Animals’ Secret Lingo…

Scientists claim to have identified a ‘secret language’ used in the animal kingdom. An international team has found how animals use polarization, a type of light that humans cannot see, as an important tool for communication, the Current Biology journal reported. In their research, the scientists focused on a type of cuttlefish ( close relative of octopus and squid ) to show how polarization is used for communication in animal kingdom and its significance in biological signaling.
The findings revealed how cephalopods such as cuttlefish have the ability to see in many more directions of polarized light than previously thought, according to the scientists at UK’s Bristol University and Australia’s Queensland University. Justin Marshall, a team member, said humans had not yet developed the language to describe all roles of polarization in nature. These facts have proved once again how wise animals are. They are well ahead of humans and deserve all our respect.

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