Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to Save Animals

It is an unfortunate fact that animal abuse has been rampant since the beginning of the civilization. There are still no enough strict laws to save our animal friends or stiff penalties for poachers and animal abusers. However, we can do a lot to help these animals by taking some action eg. signing petitions, raising our voice at all available platforms, including social media; and by donating some of our earnings for their welfare and rehabilitation.

There are many other ways to help our animal friends. We can adopt animals from shelters, thus providing them a new home where they can live happily thereafter. It is always good to adopt a pet than to buy one from a pet shop or an animal breeder. Any incident of animal abuse must be reported immediately to the authorities so that the offenders are caught and punished. This might prove to be a restraint for future animal abusers. If we happen to find an animal that is injured, we must always call the animal helpline number so that the animal gets appropriate medical help on time. We can save humdreds of precious animal lives this way. We must stay away from hunting innocent animals. We must also not support the Fur Industry which alone is responsible for millions of animal deaths every year.

Apart from taking all these measures, we can share our thoughts about animal welfare and animal rights among our family and friends to raise awareness. We should always remember that the Earth belongs to animals as much as it belongs to us. If we want to live on this planet happily, we will have to save animals and let them live alongside us. Save animals, save the planet!

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