Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dogs have Magical Powers - III

Another magical power of your pet dog is that he can recognize your photo from a variety of other pictures by tracking or looking at your eyes. So far, the specialized skill for recognizing facial features holistically has been assumed to be a quality that only humans and possibly, primates possess. But the new study proves that the canines have facial recognition skills similar to humans.

The researchers, led by professor Outi Vainio at the university of Helsinki, tested dogs' spontaneous behavior towards images - if the dogs are not trained to recognize faces, are they able to see faces in the images and do they naturally look at familiar and strange faces differently?

This is merely one more finding by humans about the magical powers dogs have. There are many more to be still discovered. In fact, we still know only a little about animals and the animal kingdom, although we claim to know a lot about them. These findings prove once again that animals deserve our respect and love and must be allowed to live a dignified life.

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