Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Animal Torture, and the Cruel World They Live In

For animal lovers animals are as important to them as their family and loved ones. But for most of other human beings, animals are like money spinning machines. They would torture and kill animals to sell their skin and meat in order to become rich. Animals are continuously tortured and confined in prison like spaces without adequate facilities, and the brutality meted out to them is overwhelming.
Such inhuman torture results in animals raging against this confinement.  They would frantically claw at the bars of their cages or go into withdrawal or self - mutilation . More than 70 per cent of the animals in any type of confinement have marks on their foreheads because of continuous banging of their heads against the cage bar.
Animals slaughtered for their meat and skin are most often transported in pathetic conditions. Most of them get injured, and many are trampled or gored to death as they are thrown about in trucks that drive at a dangerous speed. Also, animals are tied together with ropes running through their pierced noses and forced into ‘death marches’ for hundreds of  miles. The handlers force the pace of the animals by snapping their tails at each joint and rubbing tobacco, chilly powder or salt into their eyes. Thus, by the time the animals arrive at the slaughterhouses, many of them would be so sick that they have to be dragged inside. Most of the animals are killed mercilessly. Most of these animals’ throats are not slit, rather, they have their legs hacked off or they are skinned alive. To fool the system, most of the animals are often maimed, either their legs are broken or they are poisoned so that they can be declared fit for slaughter. Animals such as alligators are being factory farmed for their skins. Similarly, snakes and lizards are often skinned alive because of the widespread belief that live flaying enhances the suppleness of the finished leather. 

There are millions of  torture and horror stories about animals and we must stand up and act against animal torture. Even a little effort by everyone will make a huge difference. Millions of animals can’t be killed mercilessly to satisfy the human appetite. This is outrageous. There are other healthy substitutes for food and humans can happily survive on them. Killing and torturing animals robs a man of his finest emotion which is compassion. Life is as precious and beautiful to animals as it is to us humans. If we want a better world to live in, we must show compassion towards animals and teach the same to our children.
Animals are meant to be in their natural habitat . They are not meant to be in cages as entertainment material for us. They are majestic and their beauty and freedom must be respected. They need to roam around freely in the forests and wilderness as, like us, they are also born free.

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