Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Hope for Animals in the New Year

We hope that the new year proves to be better for animals worldwide and brings more happiness and peace to them. Animals are fighting a hard battle for their existence and we need to work harder for them. With too many abused, homeless and abandoned animals and not enough money to care for them, they are living a miserable life. More and more trees are being felled everyday and the animals are losing their habitat. They are forced to come out of their natural environment and risk captivity, torture and death.
Animals are just like people, full of life and emotions. They all have their own personality and deserve to be treated respectfully. This world belongs to them as much as it belongs to us.

People, who buy animals from a pet shop, should rather adopt a stray or abandoned animal so that it gets a new home. They should also spay/neuter their pet to control their breeding. The money that they would have spent on purchasing a pet, could be spent for the animal they adopt, or for charity. This will be a great help for animals.

Homeless and abused animals need a second chance. They need to be given shelter, food, love and warmth. They need to be given medical care. They need everything human beings need. To treat animals with love and respect, we need a greater level of awareness in people about animal welfare. We also need more people to extend a helping hand to the cause of animals. We all have to realize, that ultimately, for the earth and life to be saved, the animals and the forests need to be saved. Apart from all the good work being done by individuals and organizations for animals, we also seem to need the support of the Secret Santas who could come forward and lend a hand in the campaign of saving animals. We must help animals because adopting or helping an animal is like helping a friend for life.