Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sad Incidents of Stray Animals being Killed or Maimed

Sad incidents of stray animals being thrashed to death or maimed are on an all time rise in India. These incidents have been happening despite sterilizing and vaccinating of a good percentage of the street dogs in cities. The situation is worse in small towns and villages where there are no organizations or government machinery to vaccinate or help these animals. The authorities are supposed to lodge a report whenever they are supposed to know about any such incident of cruelty against animals, but they choose to look the other way whenever an animal is tortured or hurt. Recently, many street dogs were killed mercilessly, but almost no action was taken against the perpetrators.

There are some animal lovers, who try to help and take care of stray animals by giving them food and water, but they face continuous resistance from the local population. The reason given by them for killing stray animals is that these dogs bark at night and make it difficult for them to sleep! Animal rights activists, who try to take care of these animals, or help them, are even threatened with dire consequences if they continue to help animals or report animal abuse! Recently, the house of an animal rights activist was surrounded by a mob of local people who abused, manhandled and threatened these activists of grave consequences if they continued to help animals!

These incidents have become a common practice with almost no help in sight for these helpless animals. The level of awareness and sensitivity among the masses about animal rights is very low, and stray animals live under completely hostile situations. Animal rights activists are often ridiculed and attacked by the local population.

It is a great challenge to help stray animals and work for them under such circumstances. Apart from working for the welfare of these animals, the masses need to be educated about being sensitive to the needs of stray animals and the difficulties they face in order to survive. Stray animals need to be looked after for food, water and medicines. They also need to be spayed/neutered so that their uncontrolled breeding is restrained, thus saving them from further torture. Animal lovers need to join hands together to raise their voice against animal atrocities, and come forward to help them. We will try our best for the situation of these animals to improve in the new year, as we will continue raising our voice and working for them.