Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mob Kills Tiger Again

Despite India’s dwindling tiger population and the massive amount of resources spent to raise awareness about tiger conservation, a tigress was killed in Chhattisgardh state when with better planning she could easily have been tranquilized and released into the wild.

After six hours of being pounded by stones, when the bloodied tigress collapsed in a heap, a delirious cry broke out in Aamagon Bagrutola village. As forest officials took away her carcass, villagers took out a victory procession to celebrate the killing!

Who is to blame for these brutal killings of defenseless animals? Why the forest officials did not resist the move of villagers to kill the tiger? These are the questions which remain unanswered. Can’t the government, which claims to spend so much money in the name of tiger conservation, educate the locals about the importance of wildlife conservation?

A special drive to educate the general public, needs to be launched immediately. We have to make people understand that the conservation of wildlife is essential for the survival of the mankind. The forest officials need to be armed to fight off the menace of hostile crowds, and smugglers who kill helpless animals and trade off their body parts. What the government needs is an honest and sincere approach to end this mayhem of such majestic animals.

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