Friday, October 7, 2011

Dogs Have Magical Powers…

Dogs seem to have magical powers which have benefited humans for ages. We will tell you how. When it comes to getting fit, a person’s best friend might be a four legged one. Experts say studies show dog owners walk more, walk faster, and are more likely to enjoy an active lifestyle because of their companion animal. Research has proved time and again that pet owners tend to be healthier and happier than those who do not have pets at home. They not just have higher survival rates following coronary heart disease; they are also believed to be less prone to death due to heart attack.

Pets are great stress busters too. They are good companions, who listen to all your woes without any complaints! Besides the therapeutic value of keeping a pet, they are known to do wonders to a child’s development. Children who own pets develop a nurturing behavior, positive self-esteem and an enhanced all-round development.

Pets are known to be much more perceptive than human beings. They pick up even the subtlest of body signals, especially of their owners. They can easily gauge your disposition from the smell of your body. Some pet facts:

1. Pet owners visit the doctor less than those who do not own pets.

2. Pet owners are said to have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels than non pet

3. Pets reduce stress, anxiety and loneliness especially among single owners.

4. Walking with a dog or sharing space with a dog fills the pet owner with a sense of

5. Children who own pets are known to have positive self-esteem and better cognitive
development. They tend to have al all round development.

6. Companionship of pets helps one deal better with some serious illness or death in the

As we can see, pets and animals have always benefited the mankind. It is always in our favor to save them and nurture them. Let’s save them, let’s save the animal kingdom!