Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cats Mimic Us

According to a new study, cats mimic human habits - good and bad - and adapt their lifestyle with that of their owners. The finding shows how profoundly captivity can affect certain animals. While genetics help to explain some aspects of personality and behavior, an individual's environment clearly is a factor too.

Cats are intelligent animals with a long memory. They watch and learn from us, noting the patterns of our actions, as evidenced by knowing where their food is kept and what time to expect to be fed, how to open the cupboard door that has been improperly closed and where their feeding and toileting areas are, the study said.

The findings of the study clearly show how we are responsible for the well-being of animals of the planet. It naturally becomes our collective responsibility to take care of them and to ensure that their natural behavior remains the same. Animals are beautiful creatures and they should be respected for their individuality. It is our absolute obligation to protect the animals of the planet under all circumstances.

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