Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Elephants Crushed by Train

A train hit and killed five elephants and a foetus in Ganjam distric of Odisha state in India. The elephants - three females, a tusker; a calf besides a foetus - were killed after being hit by the express train. One of the female elephants was in the advanced stages of pregnancy and the impact of the hit forced the foetus to come out! The elephants were crossing the railway track when the train hit them one after the other, killing them on the spot.

How insane is that! What is the wisdom behind putting railway tracks through the middle of the jungle? Even if it was at all needed to lay railway tracks through the jungle, the government must have taken safety measures for the animals to save then from this untimely, cruel death.

Again this shows the insensitive and indifferent attitude of humans towards animals of the world. We are worried only about ourselves, exploiting all available resources to make our lives better. We have become so self-centered in our efforts to enjoy luxuries of life that we don't care about other forms of life on the planet. However, we must remember that if there will be no animals left on earth, we will perish too.